Fresh Deli sandwiches and Salads
310 South Alabama 
Avenue Chesnee,
SC 29323

310 South Alabama Avenue
Chesnee, SC 29323

Rob's Deli


Service 1

Rob’s Deli Catering

Meat tray


Bologna, Turkey, Beef, Ham, corned beef

Pepperoni, Genoa Salami


Swiss, muenster, mild cheddar, Marbled Blue Cheese

Provolone, Chipotle Smoked Gouda

Prices below are per person and the” Pick” number represents the number of choices from above

Three choice minimum, eight choice max.

Pick 4 $4.25pp****

Pick 5 $6.25pp****

Pick 6 $8.25pp****

Pick 7 $10.25pp****

Pick 8 $12.25pp****

Trays per person consist of .30 lbs product per meat/cheese choice.

Tray add ons

Tomato, lettuce, add .50$ per person*

Box lunches

Meat choices

Ham, turkey, roast beef, fried bologna, pimento cheese, chicken salad

Chips and cookie choice and drink choice

$8.00 per box**** up to 25, then $7.00 per box****

Add bacon for .99$ per box*

Subtract $1* with no drink


Peanut butter pie $16 per pie****

Cheesecake $22.00 per cake****

peanut butter cake $20.00****

Brownie (10x10) $35.00****

Sandwich tray

Per person price as on meat tray then add $2.00 per person**** for condiments and bread (white,wheat and marbled rye/mayo, mustard and lettuce tomato and pickles)


Chicken Stew, Veggie Beef, Chicken Noodle, CHILI

$2.99 per person****Soup warmers are not provided

{*Prices do not reflect tax. (Spartanburg County 6% and Chesnee Hospitality 2%).

**Prices are for pick up only please add $50 for 5 mile delivery and $100 for delivery between 5 and 50 miles

***Prices do not include set up, tear down.(price varies by venue)

****Service prices (per server) $75 per 2 hour meal}

Service 2

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