Fresh Deli sandwiches and Salads
310 South Alabama 
Avenue Chesnee,
SC 29323

310 South Alabama Avenue
Chesnee, SC 29323
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Rob's Deli

Artisan Breads!

We are now offering Nations Bakery Fresh baked Buns and Hoagie rolls! These are the same buns and hoagie rolls you are served at Cribbs Kitchen and Willy Taco! we are lucky to be serving these breads and assure you that the change will be both pleasing to your tummy and your purse, as the prices will not change!!

We are experiencing a shift in food distribution as our institutional food distributor has put requirements on the amount of product we have to order per week.

If we were to order the amount of food they are requiring us to order it would devastate us and we would be forced to close. We are now shopping for our fresh food so that we can continue to provide Boar's Head Meat and our other amazing offerings to you on a daily basis.


a period of transition as we search for an alternative to our White Wheat and Rye Breads

there is also now a possibility that from time to time we might run out of your favorite item, we will work to prevent this from happening but things are not always in our control!


Pancake and Sausage Breakfast Fundraiser!!!!

Starting this August Rob's Deli will be offering a great new fundraiser for your organization!!!!!
Pancakes and Sausage and a drink (milk, OJ or coffee)! the price of the meal is just $6.00 and your organization gets  $3.50 from each plate!!! Each plate consists of 3 pancakes and 2 sausage links! what a deal and what a great way for your group to get ahead and for Rob to get his name out into the community!

Email or call for more details about this great fundraiser idea!!!